On May 2, 2019, the first annual Daily Oil Bulletin Energy Excellence Awards was held in Calgary.  The event celebrated Canada’s energy industry champions in operational and project excellence, innovation and research excellence, and exporting excellence. 

Modern was selected as Champion for its Modern Ultra Low Emissions (MULE) sites aimed at reducing methane emissions down to zero.  The MULE sites completely eliminate the release of methane and reduce the combustion of natural gas.  The MULE sites emit 100% less methane and 95% less CO2 compared to a conventional natural gas well site. The MULE sites lower operating costs, increase on-time and significantly reduce GHG emissions.

Selected from over 90 nominees from across Canada’s energy industry, champions were chosen in 12 specialty subcategories within the broader categories of operational, innovation and exporting excellence.

Operational and project Excellence – Oil & Gas

The Operational and Project Excellence category focused on the best projects big and small, and on operational collaborations completed in Canada in 2018.  The judging was based on project and environmental performance; collaboration; unique technologies and processes; and corporate social responsibility.  A total of 25 applications were submitted in the four subcategories of industry accelerators; oil and gas; oilsands; and pipelines and facilities.

The Oil and Gas subcategory nominations were judged on project and environmental management, collaboration and overall industry impact.  The other category finalists were Ambyint and Canadian Natural Resources Limited.