Rex sits down with the charismatic President and CEO of Modern Resources, an industry-leading energy producer in Alberta to discuss the many challenges facing the Canadian energy sector.

Discussions regarding energy and the environment in Canada have become increasingly heated and divisive.  Canada, meanwhile, is failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite policies and court decisions that have caused significant damage to our world-leading energy industry.  This talk will explore some of the serious unintended consequences of our current regulatory environment and will outline a new path forward to economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and a more cohesive Canada.

In recent years, Canada’s focus on being a leading environmental citizen has come into apparent conflict with our desire to responsibly provide clean, affordable energy for a growing world that demands a higher standard of living for all.  In this talk, Mr. Slubicki will discuss the (at times) uncomfortable reality of energy and the environment in Canada and around the world.  Canada’s unique combination of resources, policy and technology position our nation to be a leader in the future energy landscape; if we have the courage to stand up for our industry and our best-in-class way of doing things.

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