In Q3 2019, Modern and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels teamed up to supply LNG for frac fuel with the goal of burning a cleaner fuel to reduce GHG emissions. The Schlumberger frac pumper engines are adapted to be able to use natural gas for fuel and over the campaign of 3 separate pads of 3 wells each, in Modern’s Wapiti Cardium play, LNG reduced diesel consumption by 35%. LNG, made up of smaller chain hydrocarbon molecules, burns much cleaner than diesel resulting in significant reductions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulates, SOx and NOx.  Although the source of the LNG is a regional gas plant, many operators are now sourcing natural gas for fuel directly from their own facilities as well as looking to opportunities to go fully electric where possible.  Modern has also had significant experience using its own natural gas for supplying fuel to drilling rigs or for water heating.